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Love Care September 2, 2023
"I must express my utmost gratitude to Falcon Security for their unparalleled dedication to business safety.__As a business owner, I recently had a critical security issue, and Falcon Security came to our rescue. Their swift response and professional approach were a game-changer. Their team, well-versed in securing businesses, ensured our premises were safe and sound.__Falcon Security's unwavering commitment to business safety, backed by cutting-edge technology and rapid response, sets them apart as the go-to choice for any enterprise. Their expertise in safeguarding businesses is second to none.__For top-notch business security and peace of mind, Falcon Security is the ultimate partner. Thank you, Falcon Security, for being our trusted guardians in times of need!"
Laurentius Theng September 2, 2023
"Falcon Security has proven to be an absolute lifeline for our business operations, and I can't emphasize enough how their services have exceeded our expectations. Allow me to share a recent incident that highlighted Falcon Security's remarkable commitment. One evening, our business premises faced an unexpected security threat, and Falcon Security's response was nothing short of remarkable. Their monitoring team swiftly contacted us, providing the reassurance we needed during a tense situation. Their highly-trained security professionals arrived promptly, and their expertise and attention to detail left a lasting impression. They meticulously assessed the situation, ensuring the safety of our business assets. Falcon Security's dedication to business safety, backed by cutting-edge technology and rapid response capabilities, is truly unmatched. Their expertise in securing businesses has made them an indispensable partner for us. For businesses seeking top-tier security services and peace of mind, Falcon Security is the name to trust. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Falcon Security for consistently safeguarding our business, proving that they are the guardians you want in your corner when you need them the most!"
Roxanne Caldera September 1, 2023
"Had a great experience with the staff used as security for a church event. The guys were actually on time! Rare these days. They were kind, friendly, and checked in with the team before leaving to ensure we didn't need anything more. Highly recommend"
Shelli Barnett-Cash August 29, 2023
"Falcon Private security has been a part of our business for a few years now. They keep our guests safe, have great customer service, and are always very flexible when we need to change our schedule. Michael the owner is great to work with along with all his security team including Mike, Sarah, and Rosie."
Rob Sparks August 29, 2023
"We’ve know the owner Mike for years and have referred a lot of personal clients to him, who have been very satisfied with his company. I have also used for my own events as well. My expectations are set high and they have always exceeded my expectations from start to finish. I only give referrals when I know the business will not let my clients down and Falcon Private Security has kept a great reputation."
Marshall Tucker April 3, 2023
"Fast and friendly service"